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Nostalgia bit 1

August 18, 2013

She packed her suitcase. Enough clothes for 3 days ,a gallon of gin with and  a fever in the 100’s.

She joined a carfull, a caravan,friends on a mission to the city to rage the last few hours of the year.

Interesting venue. The fever slipped away and after a few shots of gin the party was on. Not the usual crowd but splendid nonetheless. Underground rooms, with sweat dripping from the walls and reptilesque atmosphere of twisting, rhythmic bodies.



…………To be continued


The music I feel the most for are the tunes that were played in some of the most dramatic parts of my life. That being said, I have a deep gratitude for strangers and lovers that have come and go for introducing me to moving tunes that still give me some feeling months, years after they have left.